The Director of the Centre for Economics and Social Policy, Claudia Sanhueza, was invited as a speaker to the ChileConference, carried out last May in the Blavatnik School of Government, at Oxford University.

This conference revolved around Public Policy in Chile, and was organized by students of Cambridge, Oxford and the London School of Economics Universities. Amongst other things, this reunion sought to:

  • Discuss and analyze fundamental problems in Public Policy development in Chile, with international experience and academic research in mind.
  • To propose a new conference format in which chilean students in the UK promote and carry out a debate in different topics, delivering concrete proposals for the future.
  • Publish the results of this conference as a means to encourage discussion about the future of a myriad of Public Policies in Chile

The conference centered around topics such as investment and impact, the tax system, the new penal code, the pension system, the future of cities, and social proteccion and poverty.

More information on the conference here.

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