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About CEAS

The Center for Economics and Social Policy (CEAS) is an interdisciplinary academic research center that integrates disciplines such as anthropology, economy, geography, engineering, public policy and sociology, amongst others. We specialize in the study of inequality, economic development and wellbeing, using a variety of methodological approaches: qualitative and quantitative analysis, theoretical models and experimental games.

Inaugurated in November 2018, CEAS is integrated in the Research Vice-Rectory of Universidad Mayor, and is also associated with the Humanities Faculty of the same university. CEAS is committed to the education of pre-graduate students in Universidad Mayor, and also to the Public Policy PhD program, which is in managed by the center.

Our main research topics are poverty, inequality, elites, wellbeing, public policy, labor market, education, health, environment, behavioral economics, experimental economics, gender and feminist economics, urban studies, indigenous population and time use.CEAS wishes to create deep bonds with the national and international academic community through the organization of academic seminars, international collaboration visits, international conferences and a permanent dialogue with social, economical and political organizations.

To carry out scientific, social, interdisciplinary and collaborative research in a rigorous, relevant and innovative way to address society's main concerns about inequality, economic development and social welfare

To become a national and international reference in interdisciplinary social research on economic and social issues and thus contribute to the public debate on social inequalities comprehended broadly and encompassing their forms, levels, determinants, consequences and policies.

Based on the most recent advances in economic and social research, the Center for Economics and Social Policy, composed of researchers from various disciplines (such as economics, sociology, engineering, geography and political science) aims to conduct rigorous, relevant and innovative research in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment to address society's concerns about economic development, inequality and social welfare, incorporating a wide range of issues such as poverty and inequality, labor economics, time use, value of time, sustainability, concentration, behavioral economics, experimental economics, economics of education, health economics, economic and social development, political economy, urban studies, economic geography, economic sociology, feminist economics, family economics, and public policy.

Investigadores Principales

PhD en Economía, Universidad de Sussex

PhD in Sociology, Lateinamerika–Institut, Freie Universität Berlin

PhD en Economía, University College London

PhD en Estudios Políticos / Ciencias Sociales, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, París / FACSO, Universidad de Chile.

PhD en Sociología, Sciences Po París, Francia

Candidata a doctora en Territorio, Espacio y Sociedad en la Universidad de Chile

PhD en Economía, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

PhD en Sociología, University of Manchester, Reino Unido. / Magister en Sociología, P. Universidad Católica de Chile. / Socióloga, Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

PhD en Sociología, Universidad de Manchester.

Investigadores Asociados

Phd in Management, Saint Mary's University, Canada

Dra. en Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Buenos Aires/École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales - EHESS

Doctora en filosofía de la University of Glasgow, Master of Arts en Teoría Política de la University of Sheffield, y Magíster en Pensamiento Contemporáneo y Filosofía Política en la Universidad Diego Portales. Cientista Política de la Universidad Diego Portales.

Estudiantes de Doctorado

Magíster en Ciencia Política, Administrador Público y Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas y Gubernamentales de la Universidad de Chile

Máster Diseño Urbano La Gran Escala. Architecture & Other Environments, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.

Magíster en Planificación Integral del Ambiente y Licenciada en Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad Central de Venezuela

Magíster en Ciencias (MSc) en Salud Ambiental y Ocupacional de la Universidad de Illinois, Chicago. Licenciada en Ciencias Ambientales e Ingeniera Ambiental de la Universidad Andrés Bello.

Se ha desarrollado en el área de la investigación en diversos proyectos sobre contaminación atmosférica, envejecimiento y salud pública.

Actualmente es estudiante de segundo año del programa de Doctorado en Políticas Públicas, siendo beneficiaria de la Beca Universidad Mayor.

Profesor guía: Rodrigo Pérez


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Centro de Economía y Políticas Sociales, U. Mayor

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