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Chiara CAzzuffi


PhD en Economía, Universidad de Sussex


20 September 2021

Mayarí Castillo , Chiara CAzzuffi , Rodrigo Pérez ,

Castillo, M., Cazzuffi, C., Chamorro, C., Pérez-Silva, R., Sandoval, D., & Sepúlveda, M. (2021). Strengthening smallholder producers' skills and market access. Productive Alliance Programme in Chile. https://doi.org/10.4060/cb6534en

05 July 2021

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi et al. 2020. Spatial inequality and aspirations for economic inclusion among Latin American youth. Children and Youth Services Review Volume 118

20 April 2020

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., McKay, A., Perge, E. (2020) “The impact of commercialisation of rice on household welfare in rural Vietnam”. Food Policy

20 April 2020

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., Pereira, M. (2020) “Internal migration and convergence in Mexico”. Sobre México 5(1).

01 December 2019

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., López, D., Del Valle, V. (2020). Crecimiento e inclusión en los territorios rurales-urbanos de Chile. Sobre México 5(1)

02 December 2018

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., López, D. (2018) “Psychosocial wellbeing and place characteristics in Mexico”. Health and Place 50: March 2018, 52-64.

01 December 2018

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., Modrego, F. (2018). “Place of origin and internal migration decisions in Mexico”. Spatial Economic Analysis.

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