Centre for Economics and Social Policy

Our goal is to carry out rigorous, relevant and innovative research in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, to focus on pressing matters such as Inequality, economic development and social well-being.

20 April 2020

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., McKay, A., Perge, E. (2020) “The impact of commercialisation of rice on household welfare in rural Vietnam”. Food Policy

20 April 2020

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., Pereira, M. (2020) “Internal migration and convergence in Mexico”. Sobre México 5(1).

01 December 2019

Chiara CAzzuffi ,

Cazzuffi, C., López, D., Del Valle, V. (2020). Crecimiento e inclusión en los territorios rurales-urbanos de Chile. Sobre México 5(1)

14 November 2019

Aldo Madariaga ,

Allain, M, Madariaga, A. (2019). Understanding policy change through bricolage: The case of Chile's renewable energy policy. Governance. 1– 18

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