The activity was held this 4th of April, at 9:30, in Manuel Montt's Auditorium, located in Av. Manuel Montt 367, Providencia.

The inaguration started with a speech by the program director, Jorge Atria who, amongst other things, spoke about the importance of linking the knowledge generated in Social Sciences and academia to a more practical approach in Public Policy. How do policymakers make decisions? In which new and innovative ways can we articulate different disciplines in the Social Sciences to actively inform the debate on important topics such as health and education?

This intervention was followed by a discussion panel titled "Knowledge access and transparency in Public Policy design", which featured presentations by Fernando Hoces (Berkeley) and Juan Carlos Castillo (COES). The researchers spoke about a variety of topics, such as open science, replicability, the high (monetary and human) costs of the current publishing industry, and the possibility academia has to influence policymakers.

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