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26 July 2019

[Congreso] Jorge Rosales presented in the 41th conference of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR).

His presentation was held in the "Time Poverty and Time Pressure" panel

Between 10-13th of July, the 41th conference of the International Association of Time Use Research was held at American University, Washington DC.

CEAS' Professor, Jorge Rosales, gave his lecture on the second day of the conference, in the thematic table "Time Poverty and Time Pressure". The title of his presentation was "Time poverty in Chile: how to measure it?". His main contribution was to give a constructive criticism to the literature on time poverty measurement. Traditionally, this literature divides their sample taking relative or absolute measurement as a basis, which (according to the investigator) leads to unconsistent results. The proposed model consists on two stages: relative first and absolute later, for a complete contextual analysis.

Jorge rosales was recently appointed as IATUR's executive secretary, and this presentation is understood as a good first step towards his plan to host the IATUR conference in Chile in 2023.

About the conference
This year's conference theme is: Communicating Time Use Research to the Public. Even the highest quality academic research often sits behind journal paywalls and impenetrable professional jargon. This is a shame, particularly when it comes to interdisciplinary time-use research, which has the potential to inform policy debates, public perceptions, and professions, sectors, and academic disciplines outside the mainstream time-use community. The 2019 IATUR conference theme is about conducting and communicating research to policy makers and the broader public. Plenary sessions will include discussions of effective presentations and data visualization, translating academic research and writing for the general public, and developing productive cross-sector collaborations between academic researchers and non-profit and government institutions that wish to use data to make evidence-based policy and decisions.

More information here.

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