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03 October 2019

CEAS team participates in a report made by Explorers 24 Hours

The program featured an interview to Claudia Sanhueza and was published by the Exploring Economics site

The 24Horas Explorers program made a report on inequality in Chile, which was attended by the entire team of the Center for Economics and Social Policies, and also an interview to the director of CEAS, Claudia Sanhueza. Subsequently the program was published on the e-learning website on economics, Exploring Economics.

The program talked about the different dimensions of inequality in Chile, which is currently one of the 15 most unequal countries in the world.

The inequalities in our country are interrelated, as explained in the interview and report by Explorers, covering more topics than the well-known centralism that hinders the development of regions, and the unequal distribution of money, where elites concentrate approximately 25% of the national income

Currently there is also talk of socio-environmental inequality and inequality in social behavior. The first involves environmental problems and the deficiency of the economic model, which does not include sustainable measures such as expediting decarbonization, the use of renewable energy and a revision to the Water Code.

The second shows the inequality in the use of time, which directly affects the well-being of the population; and the sexual division of labor beyond the wage gap, but also the division of household roles, since women use 6 hours a day in unpaid tasks, unlike men who only use 2 hours.

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