PhD in Public Policy

Universidad Mayor has created the first PhD program in Public Policy in Chile, which is conjointly organized by the Centre for Economics and Social Policy (CEAS) and the Society and Health Research Center (CISS) of Universidad Mayor.

Universidad Mayor's PhD in Public Policy seeks to train and educate researchers in fundamental aspects of the discussion, formulation, design, implementation and assessment of public policies in contemporary societies. This program establishes a multidisciplinary approach, borrowing methodological tools and scopes from a variety of disciplines from the Social Sciences, and also keeps in mind the array of actors and institutions and conditions involved in the design and implementation of public policies.

Public policies can be understood as the State's rational solution of society's problems, expressed in the phrases: "What belongs to who? When and how does this process happen?". Accordingly, it is a naturally diverse area of research that not only focuses on quantity, but also on the quality and morality behind the processes asociated with public policies.

Our PhD program consists of 13 professors (from two research centers, including the Center for Economics and Social Policy) with active investigations in public policy, and the necessary academic development to guide new students in the making of a professional, revelant and useful research project.

Applications and inquiries:

Our goal

The goal of our PhD program is to generate new and innovative knowledge in regards to formal and informal expressions of public policy, encompassing their design, planning, assessment and consequences, as a way to understand current and future problems in our society.

Course Structure

5th to 8th Semesters
Public Policy Institutions and RegulationTheoretical Foundations of Public PolicyContemporary Debates on Public PolicyElective IDissertation Project
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy IQuantitative Methods for Public Policy II
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy III
Elective IIDissertation Project Defense (8th semester)
Economics and Public Policy IEconomics and Public Policy II
Economics and Public Policy III
Qualitative Methods for Public Policy I
Qualitative Methods for Public Policy II
Qualitative Methods for Public Policy III
Individual Supervision SeminarIndividual Supervision Seminar
Individual Supervision Seminar
Individual Supervision Seminar
Individual Supervision Seminar

Program Faculty

Dr. Jorge Atria Curi - Program Director
Ph.D in Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
Research Interests: Inequality, elites, taxes and redistribution, economic sociology, fiscal sociology.

Dra. Claudia Sanhueza - Director, Centre for Economics and Social Policy
Ph.D in Economics, Cambridge University, UK.
Research Interests: Applied development microeconomics, labor and welfare economics, gender and family economics, economics of education, urban economics.

Dr. Esteban Calvo - Director, Society and Health Research Center
Ph.D in Sociology, Boston College, US.
Líneas de investigación: Life course sociology, social epidemiology, research on old age population, comparative public policy.

Dr. José Miguel Cabezas
Ph.D in Government and Politics, University of Maryland, US.
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Institutional Analysis, Public Opinion.

Dra. Mayarí Castillo
Ph.D in Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
Research Interests: Stratification, inequality and poverty, qualitative methodologies and socio-environmental conflicts.

Dr. Alvaro Castillo-Carniglia
Ph.D en Public Health, University of Chile.
Research Interests: Social epidemiology, Alcohol and Drug use, Violence, Quantitative Methods.

Dra. Antonia Díaz de Valdés
Ph.D in Social Work, Boston College, US.
Research Interests: Elder Population, Well-being, Life Course.

Dra. Ana Figueiredo
Ph.D in Social Psychology, Universidad de Coimbra, Portugal.
Research Interests: Historical conflicts, Intergroupal Interactions, Migration, Collective Memory, Research Methods.

Dr. Aldo Madariaga
Ph.D in Economical and Social Sciences, Universität zu Köln, Germany.
Research Interests: Political economy, industrial policy and development, energy and environment, vocational education and training.

Dr. Nicolás Montalva
Ph.D in Genetic Anthropology, University College London, UK.
Research Interests: Grazing communities and their genetics.

Dr. Rodrigo Pérez-Silva
Ph.D in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, Ohio State University, US.
Research Interests: Labor economics, urban economics and regional economics.

Dr. Sergio Peña Neira
Ph.D in Law, Andalucía International University, Spain.
Research Interests: Regulation, International Law, Biodiversity.

Dr. Jorge Rosales
Ph.D in Engineering Systems, University of Chile.
Research Interests: Time economics, use and value of time, pluralist economics.

Dra. Alejandra Vásquez
Ph.D in Economics, Universitá degli studi di Cagliari, Italy.
Research Interests: Experimental and behavioral economics, game theory.

PhD program regulations

This document details the regulations and conditions for all the PhD programs in Universidad Mayor.

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